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Make the Most of Your CoolSavings Membership

Gone are the days of waiting for the Sunday paper, followed by clipping, searching, and filing! Print your way to mega savings with your CoolSavings membership. Our unique site helps you save big bucks on all your shopping! Forget digging through newspapers and magazines to find the deals you want—this is your new home for one-stop saving.

CoolSavings Coupons

It takes just minutes to browse through all of our amazing Printable Grocery Coupons to find the deals you want and need. See something you like? Click anywhere on the coupon box to select that particular coupon. Select as many Printable Coupons as you like, and when you're all set, just click "Print Coupons." Your coupons will immediately be sent to your printer, and you'll be ready to hit the grocery store. And be sure to check back often, because our name brand coupons are updated every single day.

No printer? No problem! CoolSavings makes it easier than ever to save with the "Savings Card" option. Just click on the "Savings Card" tab toward the top of the Printable Coupons page, click on "Add to Card" for each coupon you'd like, and the coupons will be added to your local store's savings card. (Registering your savings card will be required. Participating stores include Safeway, Von's, Genuardi's, Carrs, Randalls, Dominick's, Pavillions and Tom Thumb.)

And for all those online shoppers out there, did you know CoolSavings has grocery coupons among the Online Coupons page too? Once there, select the "Food and Grocery" category, and check out all the savings. You'll find offers with discounts on anything from gourmet coffee to free delivery from your online grocery order! Once again, the savings are updated constantly, so keep checking back.

Here at CoolSavings, we have discovered that you never need to pay full price at the grocery store, and it's our mission to spread the word. After all, it's not just about changing the way you shop—we want to change the way you live.